RO Membrane Modules

Tubular:  Hollow cylindrical membrane tubes are packed into a larger support tube. These types of filters are used in waste water and juice processing because of the dense debris they are able to filter, and the ease of which they are cleaned. They are also available in many sizes and densities.

reverseosmosischillers-membrane-06Hollow Fiber Membrane: Hollow fiber filters are filled with compacted fibers of various thickness depending on the application. They can filter juice and water or be used in nanofiltration systems. These filters are harder to clean because of the packed fibers and tend to clog easier. They are available in a wide variety of fiber materials and density.

reverseosmosischillers-hollow-fiberSpiral Wound: These are the most commonly used filters. They are used to filter sea water, fresh water and dairy products. They are available in many different lengths and diameters. They offer the most amount of filtration compared to the amount of space they take up. These filters are slow, but very efficient.


Plate & Frame: These filters are used in a filter press. The membranes are supported by frames that are set up single file. Pressure propels the slurry being filtered forward through the membrane sheets and frames. Almost all of the water is removed from the solid particles and syphoned off in an area between each filter. The end product is known as a cake. The end product consistency is dependent on how many filters the slurry passes through. It is used in maple sugar and coal production.

reverseosmosischillers-plate-frame-moduleFlat Sheet: Flat sheet filters are single layer filter membranes. They can be stacked together with varying layer pore sizes. They are typically built into a submerged vacuum system. These sheets can be made of complex ceramics, silicon carbide, and polymerics. They can also be made of simple organic materials. They are commonly used in air filtration systems and more complex industrial water filtration.