Reverse Osmosis & Maple Syrup

reverseosmosischillers-maple-pressThe maple syrup industry has adopted reverse osmosis methods to create their product. The traditional way of producing syrup requires a series of large boilers and mixers, to reduce the water content of maple sap. This production method was slow, dangerous, and consumed a lot of energy to generate the heat needed for evaporation. Utilizing newly available reverse osmosis techniques usually intended for removing salt from seawater, water can be removed from maple sap. Producers that use a reverse osmosis filter press system can lower production time and costs. The filter press is a piece of equipment that uses pressure on heated sap to force it through layers of filters that syphon off water. The filter membrane allows for water molecules to escape. There are alternating layers of plate/frame filters and space for the filtered syrup to accumulate pressure before passing through to next filter. The end product is a concentrated sap that can then be put into the evaporator for final processing.reverseosmosischillers-maple