RO Water Health Facts

Logo-WHOHome reverse osmosis water filtration systems were first available in the 1970’s. Reverse osmosis is the primary filtration method used by bottled water manufacturers. Smaller RO filters are available to install in the home. Having it available directly from a tap is becoming immensely popular. The ability to fill reusable water bottles at home appeals to the living green trend. However, there are ongoing debates as to how healthy consuming strictly RO water is for us. RO water filtration removes contaminates from regular tap water. Some of these include arsenic, lead, copper, nitrates, fluoride, and other chemicals. Some other areas of concern include the fact that RO water can be acidic and completely demineralized. This can cause mineral imbalances in the body and cause degenerative disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) has conducted a study on the health risks of consuming demineralized water. The link provided below takes you to the final report.